We have a variety of catering equipment services available. Below we have listed our most requested services. Should you require a service that is not listed below please contact us.


Design Facility

We can take all the worries from you by managing all aspects relating to the design and installation of your bespoke catering facility from conception to opening including full project management…



Commercial Kitchens

Ensuring that your commercial kitchen matches not only your business and aesthetic needs to suit the environment where it will be installed we understand and ensure all the complex legal requirements are satisfied…



Food Service

We will provide you with well equipped and efficient food service counters and facilities that work well for your catering and service staff while providing your vital customers with a pleasurable and satisfying experience that they will remember and recommend…



Health and Safety Systems

You can leave the requirements for a safe and hygienic environment to us as we can design and install bespoke ventilation and safety systems (e.g. gas interlock systems) using the finest materials and equipment…



School Kitchens

We have designed many school kitchens both for main contractors (under BSF) and local authorities. We have built up a clear understanding of all the legislation and keep up to date as funding requirements and policies change…



Care Home Kitchens

With people now living for longer the number of care homes and retirement homes being built is on a notable increase. We can help those establishing these essential facilities develop healthy and friendly kitchens that work well…



Restaurant Kitchens

Restaurant owners know that the heart of their restaurant is its kitchen. Many have a clear vision of how they wish their kitchen to look and function and we will work in close partnership to bring that vision to reality…



Pub Kitchens

From busy city centre theme pub to country gastropub we can help pubs make the transition into today’s market where food has become a central part of the publican’s provision to their customers in a way that works for each unique location…



Cafe Kitchens & Coffee Shop Kitchens

Small cafes and coffee shops find themselves having to provide a wider range of fresh quality food and beverages to the modern demanding customer in limited space on a tight budget. We can help that work successfully…



Golf Club Kitchens

Because of our keen interest in golf as a sport we have been fortunate enough to have designed and supplied commercial kitchens and equipment to several local golf club houses. Knowing the customer so well, helps us ensure our catering installation is perfect…