School Kitchens

schoolPerhaps the area where Fox Catering has the most experience is within the education sector. Our personnel have designed many school kitchens for main contractors and local authorities. Because of this we have a clear appreciation of all the legislation that must be adhered to.

In general, the educational projects that we have worked on have been governed by cost. Our usual findings were that the school community wanted one thing while the budget constraints dictated another.

The typical scenario was that the kitchen staff wanted a colourful and dynamic school dining experience that would attract pupils and create a sustainable catering facility. The reality was that the budget only allowed for standard basic design to counter this.

By trying to reach a middle ground between the two, Fox Catering has been able to introduce a few initiatives that have helped achieve this.

Our ‘grab and go’ stations along and self service counters mean that the pupils can avoid the tedious queueing so often associated with canteen dining. Our servery counters are also designed to appear organic rather than linear again in an attempt to offer a more informal dining experience.