Restaurant Kitchens

resturant-kitchenThe heart of a restaurant is its kitchen. For the restaurant to succeed then it must have a good working production kitchen. For the kitchen to work it must have the correct equipment and the correct design. For the correct design then it must be Fox Catering.

A restaurant kitchen design is determined in general by three things.

  • One: the menu.
  • Two: the number of covers.
  • Three: the shape and size of the footprint.

At Fox Catering our first priority when designing a restaurant kitchen is to include all the necessary equipment needed to produce the dishes described within the menu. Next we consider how much of each equipment inclusion is needed to service the anticipated volume of covers and lastly we then configure all this to best fit the footprint we have been allocated. In rare and exceptional circumstances we will also provide the shape of the intended kitchen where we have been given a blank canvas to work on.

The equipment we source and the design we supply always considers the budget and target customers. In simple terms we would not propose to install the same top of the range suited cookline for an exclusive French a la carte as we would a modest traditional. With this in mind we use a variety of reliable suppliers that offer a wide range of products. Our aim is offer our customers the right product for the right reasons.