Crown Garden Centre

We were approached by Stephen, Sue and Helen Megson who, as a family, own and manage Crown Garden Centre & Nursery in North Yorkshire.

Due to the nature of their expanding business they decided to introduce a commercial kitchen with food service counter to their garden centre. Our designs were to be incorporated into a brand new purpose built building. We supplied the non-slip vinyl safety flooring, the white PVC hygienic walls, the kitchen ventilation system, the catering equipment and the food service counter.

The main feature of all the designs is the food service counter. This is on show to the public and has to convey the rural/rustic effect associated with visiting a garden centre. To achieve this we included as part of our supply package the wall cupboards and also varied under shelving finishes such as lattice effect and slide out wicker baskets. Many different colour combinations were submitted to the customer before a final choice was decided upon.

Crown Garden Centre

[img src=]2040
[img src=]1540
[img src=]1390
[img src=]1330
[img src=]1130
[img src=]1150
[img src=]1010
[img src=]880
[img src=]920
[img src=]870
[img src=]810
[img src=]840
[img src=]760
[img src=]750
[img src=]690
[img src=]720

The 3D visuals were an enormous help for the customer to understand how the counter would appear on completion. Eventually a mixed wood effect laminate was selected for the counter fronts and storage throughout with a sandstone corian top.

Both Sue and Helen were delighted with their chosen colours when they finally saw it in the flesh. This project was completed very recently and we would definitely recommend a visit.

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