Copthorne School Kitchen, Alfreton

The works on Copthorne School Kitchen included a new kitchen ventilation system, kitchen cooking equipment and food preparation equipment. Because such limited space was available a slim-line combination oven was selected that has a much smaller footprint than a usual oven. The oven (manufactured by MKN) also has the option to run off a single phase 3.5Kw supply which was utilised because of limited power resources on site. On the pictures the oven can be seen sat to the right hand side of the cookline. This oven is capable of cooking approximately 120 portions. Adjacent to the MKN combi is a set down bench for the cook and next a Lincat 6-ring gas range. The extraction hood above, the service chamber to the rear and all the wall lining were provided by Fox Catering as part of the overall works. The trained eye will also notice that the tabling to the left hand side appears to be at an unusually high level. This is to allow for food service trolleys (not pictured) to be housed beneath.

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