Care Home Kitchens

care-home-kitchensWith people now living for longer the amount of care homes and retirement homes being built is on a notable increase. Within these respective care facilities one can often find a commercial kitchen.

The care home kitchen is responsible for three main meals per day for seven days a week. The meals must be tailored to individual requirements, must provide excellent nutritional value and in some instances be transportable. The kitchen must also include adequate storage facilities allowing for varied products, bulk and hygiene considerations.

Similar to our pub template kitchens we also have care home template kitchens that have been designed and fine tuned over a long period while working with the care industry. Typically within such a kitchen we would strongly recommend at least one six or ten grid combination oven, several specialist food transport trolleys and ample individual food preparation areas to name but a few.

Should your care home be a new build or an existing refurbishment then Fox Catering would be happy to work with you. Our experience within this sector would give you access to helpful information and recommendations. Before deciding on any of the proposed equipment we offer demo days where you as the end user can come along for a demonstration and to see just what it is you are getting.