Cafe Kitchens & Coffee Shop Kitchens

cafe-kitchen-coffeshop-kitchenA trip to any UK town or village will tell you that cafés, coffee shops and delis are increasingly popular. Their unique selling point is often their freshly made products and the service that accompanies them. To deliver these the respective outlet must have a clean, fresh and visually enticing point of delivery.

Because of our work within the food service industry Fox Catering can offer excellent design facilities when it comes to specifying your shop front counter. We can create a 3-D rendered design to give you a full view of how the counter will look once built and installed.

Beyond the counter design we also offer our usual expertise geared towards the food production aspect of the café. We appreciate that with café kitchens and deli kitchens then space is a critical feature. We therefore design a kitchen that reflects this.

We will optimise the limited available space by using as much under counter storage as possible. We can provide innovative features including localised drip moulds around sinks so that chopping boards can be dropped in to increase preparation space; we even go as far as to offer refrigerated wall cupboards. All these small contributions soon add up and what seemed impossible becomes a reality.