Local School Kitchen Design

This current ‘work in progress’ is a local primary school currently without a catering kitchen.

Because of the anticipated uptake of school meals following the governments free school meals for all children they have decided to convert the music room and store room into a commercial production kitchen. Alongside other contractors we are therefore stripping out the area and undertaking the necessary works.

Our design pictures show how the finished kitchen will look in 3D.

2D versions along with all service requirements have been issued to site. Our bespoke ventilation system is to go into site very soon. It will be complete with low profile mushroom cowl fans (to reduce the visual impact in regards to planning – they are also to be sprayed slate grey), a service chamber and gas interlock system with carbon dioxide monitor.

Check back soon to see pictures of the finished work!

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One comment on “Local School Kitchen Design
  1. Have seen all current pics of done work… will come back soon to see more. :) I like your work.

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