School Kitchen Ventilation System

This School was a stereotypical school site in that meal production and service was operating admirably well despite the dated and non-complaint working conditions within.

The prime motivation for the refurbishment was to upgrade the kitchen ventilation system in order to comply with current gas safe regulations. At the same time the decision was taken to upgrade the kitchen as a whole. Fox Catering therefore supplied additionally a new food service counter as well as other bespoke stainless steel fabrications throughout.

Importantly, the canopy was designed to be free standing so that the potentially hazardous asbestos roofing could be left untouched. Existing up stands and apertures were utilised for the ducting to penetrate the roof. A gas interlock system with carbon dioxide monitoring and gas proving was installed as part of the ventilation works.


The ventilation system within the kitchen area consists of a stainless steel canopy, two vertical risers and a central services chamber. The canopy extracts dirty air via the baffle type filters and supplies clean air via the front louvres and internal deflectors. The vertical risers serve a dual purpose of shielding the internal canopy supports and providing a route for services to the cooking island. The central services chamber provides protection for the equipment connection points and also a means of supporting the gas manifold.

The school was closed for approximately three weeks during the installation works. The ventilation system was installed over a two day period. The net result is that the school now has a fully working ventilated kitchen that is interlocked throughout.

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