Bar Kitchen, Doncaster

The Environmental Health Officer had expressed dissatisfaction with the existing kitchen ventilation at this small bar kitchen and gave the owners a fixed time period in which to rectify the problem.

Because of our locality and based on previous works undertaken we were asked to visit site and provide a quote for the necessary works they would need. The existing canopy was semi domestic;

  • The canopy did not overhang the gas cooking appliance by the specified minimum distance of 300mm
  • There was no gas interlock system in the kitchen
  • There was no mechanical fresh air input (to replace extracted air)
  • There was no manual gas shut off valve on the gas manifold
  • There was no emergency gas knock off device by the exit door

We arranged with site a free day the following week and completed the desired works in a single day for less than £5k. Two engineers dedicated themselves purely to the installation of the canopy, stainless steel rear wall lining and fans. A third engineer was occupied with the electrical wiring of fans, solenoid valve and the gas interlock panel while the fourth engineer connected and commissioned the gas solenoid valve and gas manual shut off.

Incidentally the canopy was manufactured on our doorstep in Sheffield by a small and reliable sheet metal working business that produce quality works at an exceptionally competitive price. All our canopies are made from Stainless steel and are designed and manufactured in accordance with DW172, DW144 & BS 1673. The Canopies include removable washable baffle type grease filters. Removable grease collection trays to sit in filter apron. Condense channel to surround of canopy with safety edging.

The gas interlock system installed at this site has built in current monitoring and is designed specifically for use in commercial kitchens to meet BS6173:2001, which is a much recognised standard in the catering industry.

For a kitchen manager with limited knowledge of this side of the industry the task of coordinating and arranging these works independently would be daunting to say the least.

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