Derbyshire County Council, Multisite Contract

As part of a potential four year continuous contract Fox Catering is designing and supplying complete kitchen ventilation systems for Derbyshire County Council. Each scheme is treated as a ‘mini’ project and by working with council employed tradesmen we are able to aid in the completion of a fully compliant schools commercial kitchen.

The council tendering process was extremely rigorous. All aspects of our business were scrutinised in order for the council to gain satisfaction that our product and service package suited their needs. We were eventually named as one of the chosen contractors and have since secured several projects to undertake.

Initially a detailed proposed drawing is issued by Fox Catering that provides information regarding building works and M&E works. Once this is accepted a works programme is created and the manufacturing begins.

Fox Catering then installs either a wall type or island type canopy along with stainless steel wall lining or central service chamber respectively. Fresh air is brought into the kitchen via an air input plenum fixed to the canopy and a passive air duct linked to an adjacent room.

The interlocking system we install in the schools as part of this contract has the following capabilities;

  • Gas pressure proving (for sites where old equipment does not have flame failure)
  • In built fan power monitoring per fan
  • Fan start/stop control
  • Inbuilt over-load protection
  • Ceramic fuse protection of each fan output
  • Dedicated gas valve output
  • Fan speed control outputs
  • 2 x sensor inputs
  • 1 x fire alarm input
  • 1 x remote knock off input
  • CO2 level monitoring, control and alarm
  • Demand control

Worth noting is the CO2 feature, particularly as it appears this will soon be enforceable.

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